Karasuno's 'Guardian Deity'... is noisy as ever.


if people get offended by girls not wearing bras because their nipples poke through their shirt then we should require every boy in the world to wear bras too i am so tired of seeing man nipples


Suzanne is so important



Postcards For Ants, Lorraine Loots

Pawnee: First in Friendship, Fourth in Obesity.


you ever notice how in women’s razor commercials the models’ legs are already completely hairless before they “shave” them

like we can’t even handle showing body hair in a commercial about how to get rid of body hair

Disney + The Swing


Haikyuu!! 30 day challenge

↳ Day 2: Favorite friendship → Kageyama/Hinata


Made some more stickers to put around campus and Santa Fe


please don’t feel bad because you feel like you cry too much or that your grades suck or that you eat too much. Sailor Moon had all those flaws but she was a hero and so are you.